Yoga practice in a peaceful rural location set amongst woodland and a tranquil lake with our friendly sheep for company!

What Yoga means to us...

Yoga focuses on inner and physical strength flexibility and the breath with the intention to improve our physical health, mental wellbeing and happiness.  Yoga is for everyone:

  • Men & women
  • Young & old
  • Beginners & those you have practiced before
  • The flexible & inflexible

Unite your mind body and soul with our Yoga Practices :

Sunrise Flow

A slow flow practice inspired by Surya Namaskara (Sun Saluatations)


We will be following a series of postures which are each held for five breaths. This is a physical class and is great for building strength and toning the body.

Vinyasa Flow​

We will be flowing postures together moving from one to the next seamlessly using out breath. Our flow will be influenced by fundamental Ashtanga postures and other styles of Yoga.

Sunset Flow

A slow flow practice inspired by Surya Namaskara (Sun Saluatations)

Time for Ewe!

Take time out and let your thoughts drift away… feel the fresh air on your skin… hear the birdsong and the bleating of the sheep… watch the ripples of the water on the lake. Join our pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and mindfulness sessions.

We will be using different breathing and visualisation techniques to help focus our minds and appreciate the present moment.

Sessions will be a mix of led exercises and self-relaxation time.

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