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Please see the answers to some frequently asked questions

What Makes Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods Different?

What makes Unleashed at Wrenbury Hall Woods different to other dog fields? Not only are we a secured dog field near Nantwich, Cheshire, but we are also an Adventure Park for Dogs! What really sets us apart is our peaceful rural location in the Cheshire countryside, set amongst woodland away from the main road. Dogs love our lake which has sloped access so they can easily get in and out to swim, it even has a water slide!

Our Adventure Area includes various items of dog agility equipment including a digging pit, tunnels, seesaw, and balance beam.

Through our Socialisation Sessions, we also offer a real sense of community, bringing together like-minded dog lovers. Many of our dogs visit us week in and week out, so both dogs and their humans get to know each other and form real friendships


Can I just turn up at your field? – No, our Adventure Park for Dogs is available for pre-booked sessions only. Please do not just turn up without a booking.

How do I book a session? – Please book your session via our website, for regular Socialisation Sessions or Private Hire, starting at either the Socialisation Sessions or Private Hire page. Select the type of session that you’d like, then click continue, you will then be given the option to add additional dogs (only select this if you are bringing more than 1 dog for Socialisation Sessions or more than 4 dogs for Private Hire), and again click continue. Our online calendar will then appear, click on the day you want, and the times available on that day will appear, click on the time you want and click continue. You will then be taken to a screen to fill in your name etc. and complete your booking.

The process for booking our Breed Specific Socialisation Sessions, Paws for Yoga sessions, and other events is similar but begins here.

How do I pay for my session? – You can pay online via PayPal or card payments whilst making your booking. For Socialisation Sessions only, there is an additional option to “pay on-site” which means you’d pay cash on arrival. Please note that due to the limited internet connection at the field, we cannot accept card payments on the day.  We recommend paying online at the time of booking, but we may accept cash payments on the day for Socialisation Sessions if you are unable to pay online.

When do I need to complete a registration form? – Please complete a registration form when booking your first session with us, the link to do this is here. It is fine to include multiple dogs on the same form. You only need to do this once (not for every booking), but please try to use the same email address that is on your registration form for all subsequent bookings otherwise it may not match up on our system.

Can I cancel or change my booking? – Yes of course, but please note we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for any cancellations or changes to bookings to allow time to offer the session to someone else. You can do this by emailing us:

Can I visit for more than 1 hour? – Yes, of course, our booking system only allows you to book 1 hour slots so you would need to book multiple consecutive slots. There is a 15-minute gap between all of our bookings to avoid any crossover but you could stay for this i.e. if you had booked e.g. the 10 am and 11.15 am Private Hire sessions on the same day, you can stay in the field from 10 am through to 12.15 pm.

How far in advance can I book? – You can book up to 2 months via our booking system. If you’d like to book a slot further away than this, please contact us.

Socialisation Sessions

What happens at a Socialisation Session? – When you arrive for your Socialisation Session we will be there to greet you and will show you around if it is your first visit. During the session, the dogs will be running around off-lead. It is very informal (note these are not formal training sessions), dogs may choose to swim in the lake, play with each other, use our Adventure Area equipment, or just have a good sniff in our woodland. Owners will stay with their dogs and remain responsible for them at all times.

What are your Socialisation Session times and prices? – For a full list of sessions please see here. Most of our Socialisation Sessions take place on Sundays but there are also some All Dogs Welcome sessions during the week. The price is £5 per dog.

How many dogs will be at a Socialisation Session? – This varies depending on the session. Our more popular sessions on a Sunday may have up to 20 dogs, but other sessions may only have 4 or 5 dogs. Please contact us if you’d like to know approximately how many dogs will be at your session. 

Which Socialisation Session is best for my dog? – We have size-specific Socialisation Sessions, and also sessions just for puppies, and some for all dogs. For size guidelines, please look here. Generally, our weekday sessions are quieter than those on a Sunday. If you aren’t sure, please contact us to discuss.

At what age can my puppy attend your Puppy Socialisation Sessions? – Puppies need to have completed their vaccinations and had the “ok” from the vets to go out before joining us. They can then attend our Puppy Socialisation Session until they are 6 months old, from then consider joining our other sessions. Please note, that puppies are welcome at our other sessions too, but the Puppy Socialisation Session is specifically for puppies of all breeds up to 6 months.

When do you do Breed Specific Socialisation Sessions? – These tend to happen as special events around bank holidays, to see our current availability and book, please see here.

I am not sure if my dog’s behaviour will be “ok” at a Socialisation Session, what should I do? – Our Socialisation Sessions are for friendly and sociable dogs. They are not training sessions for reactive dogs. If you have any doubts about whether a Socialisation Session would be good for your dog, please contact us and we’d be happy to discuss.

Private Hire

What happens at a Private Hire Session? – When you arrive at the field the gate will be locked, please let yourself in using the gate code you will have received prior to your visit (if you haven’t received your gate code the night before your booked session, please contact us to check). You can then enjoy sole use of the field. If you have any questions during your visit, please get in touch. Please also see our video tour.

What are your Private Hire Session times and prices? – For a full list of sessions please see our booking calendar constantly being updated: here. We have sessions throughout the day Monday to Saturday and limited availability on Sundays. Please note, Saturdays are the most popular day so you may need to book a few weeks in advance if you’d like to book a weekend Private Hire Session. The price is £20 for up to 4 dogs, and an additional £5 per dog if you are bringing more than 4 dogs. 

Can I book a group Private Hire Session? – Yes of course. If you have a large group of 10 or more dogs please contact us before booking as we may be able to offer you a discount to our usual prices, particularly if you are booking more than 1 hour. We can also wait until the day of your booking to confirm the number of dogs if you are not sure exactly how many dogs are attending provided you have paid a deposit upon booking.

Is there any buffer between sessions? – Yes, we have a 15 minute gap between sessions to avoid any crossover. Please respect the session times.

Paws 4 Yoga

What happens at a Paws 4 Yoga Session? – Paws 4 Yoga is our fun yoga class for dogs and their humans. Once everyone has settled in, you’ll be led through a yoga flow that will involve your dog (but only if they want to take part). This will cumulate in a relaxation session, which may include for example some breathwork and doggie massage, a great bonding experience for you and your dogs. Dogs remain on their leads for this first part of the session, which will then be followed by some off-lead time where dogs can run and play, just like in a Socialisation Session.

What are your Paws 4 Yoga times and prices? – Please see here for our current availability and prices.

I am not sure if my dog will be “calm enough” for yoga, what should I do? – Generally in our experience, even the most excitable dogs settle down in the calming environment of our yoga classes. They will be given time to settle before we start our yoga flow and will remain on a lead during the first part of the session with plenty of space around them. If however they really don’t want to settle, you can always take them over to the lake (which is in a separate part of the field and fenced off from where our yoga class will be) and let them have an extra run around instead. Please contact us if you’d like to discuss further.

Is Paws 4 Yoga suitable for beginners? – Yes absolutely, all levels are very welcome.

Do I need to bring anything to Paws 4 Yoga? – We provide yoga mats which will go on the ground but you may wish to bring your own mat to place on top of this if you have one. You may also want to bring training treats for your dog and water for yourself (dog drinking water is provided at the field). In terms of what to wear, dogs will need their collar/harness and lead, for humans, just wear anything you can move comfortably in.


What do you have to keep my dog entertained? – We have a lake, Adventure Area, and plenty of space for our dogs to run and play. The Adventure Area includes a digging pit, tunnels, a seesaw, a balance beam, and even a water slide for dogs! 

How tall are your fences? – Our external fences are 5 ft high (although the gate is slightly lower).

What happens if it’s raining? Will my session still go ahead? – Yes, sessions go head in all weathers, including rain, unless it is deemed unsafe to do so (e.g. in an extreme heatwave). We have a rain shelter for our humans to stay dry and offer umbrellas during our wet Socialisation Sessions.

Do you have a car park? – Yes (and it is free for our Unleashed visitors).

Do you have a toilet? – Yes. 

Is there anywhere to sit in the field? – Yes, there is plenty of seating throughout the field including picnic tables, tree trunk benches, and plastic chairs.

What other facilities are there? – Just a few… for example:
We have a rain shelter to keep our human visitors dry when it rains, this is located near the lake. We also have paths around the field for our human visitors and plenty of seating. There are hose pipes to clean our dogs down at the end of your session. We have compost bins for poo disposal. We ask that you use the spades provided (next to the bins) to place dog poo directly in the bins. Please do not put poo bags or any other rubbish in the compost bins. 

What precautions do you take regarding the lake? – We use water pumps and fountains on the surface of the water and also have an overflow system to keep the water moving and use barley straw extract in the summer months. Please remember, dogs swim at your risk and if you have any concerns about this you should not allow them to swim and contact us. Please note it is possible to avoid the lake if you wish to as we have a fence and gate separating the lake from the rest of the field.

Other questions

Can I bring babies and children to my session? – We do not allow babies or children (aged under 12) in our Socialisation Sessions for safety reasons. However, you are welcome to bring them to Private Hire sessions as you will have sole use of the field. If bringing babies or children to Private Hire sessions please remember that you are responsible for them, and do not allow them to climb on the gates, fences, or any of our Adventure Area equipment.

Can I use toys and balls during my session? – We do not allow toys or balls in our Socialisation Sessions. However, you are welcome to use them in Private Hire sessions as you will have sole use of the field (please remember to take them home with you).

Can I bring XL bullies to the dog park? – Sadly from the 31st of December 2023 we are unable to have XL Bully Breed Type Dogs at our Socialisation Sessions or Private Hire Sessions as our insurance company does not permit us to have any dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

Can humans swim in the lake? – No, (sorry)! 

What happens if it’s raining? Will my session still go ahead? – Yes, sessions go head in all weathers, including rain, unless it is deemed unsafe to do so (e.g. in an extreme heatwave). We have a rain shelter for our humans to stay dry and offer umbrellas during our wet Socialisation Sessions.

What immediately borders the field? – 2 edges of our field are bordered by a local farmer’s field. This is usually empty but may occasionally have cows in it (please contact us if you’d like to know if the cows are there). 1 edge borders our car park, and the other a quiet country lane. We are set away from the main road. 

Are there any dog-friendly pubs or cafes nearby? – Yes there are plenty, please contact us if you’d like any recommendations!


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Company Number: 11922075